Alexander 23 Doesn’t Want You to “Cry Over Boys”

Heartbreak often comes paired with a string of inexplicable emotions. Confusion, hurt, anger, hopelessness. Alexander 23 somehow puts one of the most complex human experiences into words on "Cry Over Boys."

The song feels like a late-night therapy session with an old friend, who despite knowing your every flaw, knows you are deserving of someone that recognizes your worth. His soft-spoken vocals are soothing, reassuring the listener that crying is okay, even if it's over someone who doesn't deserve it. In his own words, Alexander 23 says,

"This song is about a loop I think a lot of people are stuck in. Romanticizing romance at the cost of their own sustainable happiness. I hope it can help people break out of that cycle."

"Cry Over Boys" is a comforting reality check. Not forced, just heavily encouraged. Striking the perfect balance between criticism and reassurance, Alexander 23 further cements his talent as a songwriter, forcing listeners to confront their own self-destructive behavior without being abrasive. And yet, there's a hopeful undertone within the song. A reminder that on the other side of the heartache and pain is a healthy, solid relationship just on the horizon.

Listen to "Cry Over Boys" below: