ALX Lets Us Into His Honeymoon Phase in “Love On Top” [Premiere]


Photo: Alexa Jade Gross

There's something in the water in the Fike family home, and we would love to take a sip.

ALX, Dominic Fike's confident younger brother, and his undeniable talent for music is not going unnoticed. With his second single, "Love On Top" premiering here today, the anti-pop rebel wants you to know he has finally found the one. The single comes ahead of his debut EP The Fantasy, set to release May 27 via Alamo Records. 

"Love On Top" delves into one of the sweetest parts of a new relationship, where just the thought of your romantic other sparks a rush of unadulterated butterflies. ALX effectively manages capture the light-as-air feeling of the honeymoon phase with such ease, delivering a track we will not be forgetting any time soon. 

ALX's sound is an engrossing fusion between pop and hip-hop, creating a sound and vibe all his own. He gave us a glimpse into his recording process sharing, “Studio time really consists of me and maybe one or two other people. I don’t like a lot of distractions. I go there to sing and lay down vocals, it’s not like a party for me.

His appreciation for pop is noteworthy and comes through in the gratifying melodies that gives "Love On Top" its infectious flow. Yet, his voice is a result of influence from the pop-punk era greats. There's a tender grit there. With "Love On Top," ALX throws himself into an acutely adventurous side of pop music. His is an affable take on a love song that he has dared to lend a slight edge. And what a win. 

Watch the "Love On Top" video below: