Ambar Lucid’s “Questioning My Mind” Is a Trip We Don’t Want to Escape From

Photo: Amanda Canton for Betawave Media Group

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“I think, therefore I am.” This declaration surrounding the mind’s relationship to existence from the 17th-century philosopher Descartes is one of his most popularly known arguments to date. The premise: the one-true identifier of our existence is our mind. In other words, so long as I - a thinking being - am able to question whether or not I exist, it must be true that I exist, because how could one even question their existence if they did not already exist to do so?

As confusing as the concept might be to grasp, Ambar Lucid’s “Questioning My Mind” is flipping Descartes already mind-boggling theory on its head. The Mexican-Dominican musician has gracefully made her entrance back onto the top of our playlists with this striking new track.

The song explores a type of romance-based psychological warfare where the theme is do or die, to stay or to leave? This psychedelic new single starts gradually, almost cinematic and magical with the electric guitar being followed by sounds of birds chirping and fluttering their wings. Once the chorus enters, we’re immediately whisked into a fantasy world with a deluge of instrumentation. Similar to falling down the rabbit hole, “Questioning My Mind” is the listener's Alice in Wonderland, transporting us into a world we will never forget. 

The single follows the New Jersey-based artist’s dreamy full-length debut album Dreaming Lucid which was released back in March. The young artist has shown the world time and time again that as far as beautiful and unique new music is concerned, Lucid is sure to deliver.

Listen to the “Questioning My Mind” below: