Amilli’s Soulful Voice Soothes in Suspenseful “Die for You” Visual [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Amilli Two

R&B-pop songstress Amilli's musical prowess will certainly make her a household name. The newcomer out of Germany has such a refreshing lush take on the classic early '00s R&B sound. After deciding to pursue music in 2017, her far-reaching single "Rarri" suddenly appeared everywhere on German radio and some of the most notable international music blogs. Shortly after she released a stream of singles, including "Bang Bang" and "Maybe," which collectively amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify. Now with "Die for You" featuring Serious Klien, she's returned to end summer with a visual for her aural jazz-infused R&B tune.

We've got an exclusive look at the visual for Amilli's new single, "Die for You," from her debut EP, Wings, which is slated to drop Nov. 8. The visual zeros in on an interrogation of Amilli – she's not giving in, she won't tell them what they want to hear. But ultimately, it tells a love story. Lyrically Amilli questions her lover's devotion; is it as strong as hers?

"Do you talk to other girls when I’m away
I like to see you, feel you, love you every day
I haven’t talked to you in a minute
Why does it feel like you are on a quit
I die for you
Is that alright for you?"

Amilli provided her own insight into the song's raw emotion, sharing that it's about "dealing with the difficulty of maintaining a relationship while living the lifestyle of a successful up-and-coming musician." We hear Amilli gently croon over the gripping and groovy bassline. The pared-down production is similar to Amilli's other singles: simple and effective.

The visual pulls out the mildly haunting aspects nurtured within the song. A sort of crime drama scored by a smooth love song is surely a thrilling twist. 

Watch the full video for "Die for You" below and look out for Amilli's Wings EP this November: