Argonaut & Wasp - “Saigon” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

Argonaut & Wasp is dance-punk reborn. Aiming to make danceable music without restricting themselves to solely making electronic music, the indie amalgamation is looking into the past to make music you will be dancing to tomorrow. Obsessed with '70s fashion, '80s synth, and '90s culture, the fusion of sounds, inspirations, and fascinations comes through in every one of Argonaut & Wasp's intoxicating tracks.


We had the pleasure of inviting your newest indie-dance obsession to our New York rooftop to perform one of those oh so intoxicating tracks. Delving into a live rendition of their latest single "Saigon," Argonaut & Wasp delivered three-minutes of sonic jubilation that is sure to have you dancing wherever you are. And be sure to stick around as we hang with the masterminds of Argonaut & Wasp to get an inside look into how they came upon their infectious amalgamation of indie rock and dance.

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