Ashe’s “In Disguise” Is the Very Definition of Timeless Songwriting


There is a timelessness to Ashe; it is what I can only imagine people felt when they heard Carole King or Joni Mitchell for the first time. The Los Angeles ray of sunshine makes music that transcends time or space, delivering a timeworn vibe capable of transporting you to places you have never actually stepped foot in. Nowhere is this gift more apparent than in her latest single "In Disguise."

"In Disguise" marks the first single since Ashe released her lauded Moral of the Story: Chapter 1 earlier this year, and it is everything one could hope for in a song and more. From the slight country-folk twang to Ashe's bittersweetly reminiscing the opening lines "I was living free/ Like I wanted to/ But they laughed at me/ So I came to you asking for a good time/ And a ticket out of mind," every inch of "In Disguise" is an utter joy and sonic triumph. Ashe spoke on how her latest single came to see the light of day in a candid Instagram post, 

"I present to, from my heart to yours, 'In Disguise!!!!' I'm going to be real with you! I was very back and forth about releasing this song. When Leroy James Clampitt and I originally wrote it I thought, wow fuck, yes, this is what I want to say! This is a classic, this is something I'll be proud of 40 years from now! And then time moved on and people kept writing/releasing music that couldn't be more different from this record, and I started doubting myself hardcore. Luckily, I had people like FINNEAS tell me it was special and add love and life to the record. I think life's always teaching us to trust ourselves… so here's me trying to be a good example."

"In Disguise" is the rare sort of song that even after hearing it only once, it finds a place in your heart. I, for one, cannot wait for the day when years, even decades, from now when I hear Ashe utter the lines "I rather be hated for what I am/ Than waste it all giving a damn" through a record player in a dimly lit bar.

Watch the video for "In Disguise" below and be sure to catch Ashe on her Ones To Watch - presented tour this fall: