Ashe Moves On From a Toxic Relationship in ‘Moral Of The Story: Chapter 1’ EP

Despite her cheery, shining exterior, there's a storm brewing inside singer-songwriter Ashe and her latest EP, Moral Of The Story: Chapter 1, gives us insight into her not-so-perfect lifeAt only 24 years old, the California native has experienced every stage of love, from the first moments of attraction to the bitter end of a marriage. 

Graduating from Berklee College of Music, Ashe quickly fell in love and got married. The love was quickly lost, or maybe it was never there at all, and she went through a terribly messy divorce – which resulted in the focus of title-track "Moral Of The Story." She proceeded to surround herself with an amazing support system of family and friends, including musical genius FINNEAS, learn from her mistakes, and move on through the creation of stunning pieces of music.

Just like a book, Moral Of The Story: Chapter 1 is filled with different chapters taken straight from Ashe's life. Although she is on track to become pop royalty, there is something aggressively human and relatable about our favorite pop princess. Ashe has the greatest superpower of all: the ability to effortlessly tell an entire story in the span of three minutes. In this extremely digital age, Ashe's ingenious songwriting has the ability to grab fans' attention, make them put their phones down, and actually listen. Her stellar songwriting and dreamy vocals shine in Moral Of The Story: Chapter 1, with the assistance of executive producer FINNEAS.

She kicks off the EP with the most relatable song of confusion that has us staring at a wall contemplating our entire lives. "Figured Out" is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head with its addictively catchy melody, but hit you like a semi-truck with its painful lyrics. The lyrics, "how does everybody else got it figure out except me?," provide a communal feeling for all listeners. 

Ashe follows that deeply introspective song with a song about her future in a relationship. "Bachelorette" follows the rocky end of a relationship, when the fate of it all lay in her hands. She realizes that if this is how it all ends, then it was never true love. After that relationship ends, Ashe feels a sense of relief in "Shitty Places, Pretty Faces." She knows she should be sad about the break-up, but she's "feeling happy never seeing [her ex's] face again." Ashe comes to the conclusion that her well-being shouldn't be sacrificed for comfort in a relationship, that it's okay to be alone because eventually you will "love somebody who can hold your head."

Ashe finally puts herself first in heart-wrenching "Moral Of The Story." This song was her therapeutic way of understanding her divorce, and it shows. She shares, "You can think that you're in love when you're really just in pain," which precisely explains why her marriage didn't work out. Despite the initial pain of heartache, she understand that "in the end, it's better for [her]."

Move on from the toxic people in your life with Moral Of The Story: Chapter 1 down below

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