bülow Sings of “Sweet Little Lies” in a Poignant Moment of Pop Euphoria


bülow has all the makings of a future pop star. The German-born pop purveyor's music is beautifully crafted and encompasses the highs and lows of the human experience. From the tender meditation of love and heartbreak expressed on a track like "Two Punks In Love" to the radio-ready earworm that is her breakout hit "Not A Love Song," bülow is delivering some of the most noteworthy pop out there, and her latest striking single is no exception.

"Sweet Little Lies" follows the news of bülow's nomination for four JUNO Award nominations and is a brilliant illustration of the inherent depth found in her classic yet modern pop. From the very opening moment of "Sweet Little Lies," it evokes comparisons to the golden era of late '90s and mid-2000s pop that topped the charts, but by no means is this a mere an embellishment of a nostalgic sound.

In her latest track, bülow's arresting vocals and poignant songwriting carry with them a heavy emotional weight that never feels burdened down by the fact that she is wearing her heart on sleeve. Speaking on the exceptional new track, bülow shared,

"'Sweet Little Lies’ is about creating false realities. When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it's hobbies, and sometimes it's people. But the degree of it we can't always control."

"Sweet Little Lies" accomplishes that always-impressive magic trick behind every great lasting pop song; it manages to simultaneously be a moment of touching vulnerability and a veritable, euphoric bop.

Listen to "Sweet Little Lies" below:

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