BabyJake is “MadHappySad” About You

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

BabyJake continues to stun us with his releases. His electric new song, "MadHappySad", is the latest addition to his roster of impressive singles released within the past year. His tone on this song is cool, fun, and relatable, which makes the music easy to connect to. 

"MadHappySad" is about the emotional rollercoaster of knowing you're in a relationship with the wrong person. The name of the song represents the revolving emotions inherent to said toxic relationship. It's about the struggle of knowing you're being played, but still wanting attention from that person. BabyJake shares, 

"It's about the feelings that come up when you're with someone who's probably not the right person for you, and they just make you feel all these emotions at the same time. MadHappySad."

As another entry into his ever evolving genre-less sound, "MadHappySad" borrows some psychedelic rock motifs. Alongside producers and writers Andrew Luce and JJ Scheff, BabyJake has created a vibe that could rest well in a few different musical eras. The best part is the catchiness of the chorus. 

Stream "MadHappySad" and the amazing quarantine music video from him and Dillon Francis for their hit single "Touch" below!