Baker Grace Breaks Down Her Ethereal ‘The Show Is Over’ EP [Premiere]


"Moments of overcoming, moments of reflection, moments of solace, and moments of hope.“ Such tender and raw moments begin to define Baker Grace's ethereal EP, The Show Is Over. Pairing soothing vocal melodies with poignant bouts of reflection, Grace's latest four-track offering arrives as a bittersweet coming-of-age collection. And as is par for the course for coming-of-age stories, each new song serves to impart its own life lesson.

These life lessons are often wrapped in velvety sonics and pacifying, dulcet tones, giving each moment of reflection and ensuing revelation a dreamlike quality. As the final moments of the EP's closer, "Be Ok," drifts beyond the horizon we are left with more than merely passing wisdom but a shared point of solace, one where both Grace and the listener are free to share and learn from one another. And who better to guide us through this equal parts learning experience and standout EP than Baker Grace herself, who was kind enough to break down each track on The Show Is Over for us.

"Simple Days"

I wrote "Simple Days" while reminiscing on the joy I had when I was a little kid. I was so content with the smallest things and knew how to make the most of every moment. As I got older, I got too caught up chasing something better when I had everything I needed inside of me all along.

"Bigger Than Me"

I feel like a lot of us live with so much pressure on our shoulders. We walk around with so much guilt and shame when in reality so much is out of our control. I wrote "Bigger than Me" when I realized I wasn't meant to carry every burden and fix every problem life throws my way. Sometimes it's best to give it up to something bigger than myself.

"I Feel For You"

"I Feel For You" is about loving someone who is struggling and won't let you in. I realized you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves and you can't lose yourself trying to find someone who doesn't want to be there.

"Be Okay"

I wrote "Be Okay" with a guitar and toy piano in the Hollywood Hills. It takes about my struggle with depression and anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with high expectations and standards of perfection when it's hard just to feel okay sometimes.