Bela Pierce's Daydream Becomes a Reality on "Nordstrom" [Premiere]


We'd be lying if we said we never fell in love with someone we didn't know. Whether it's someone passing by on the street, or someone sitting next to us on the train, or briefly meeting someone at a bar, it's the uncertainty and mystery of a chance encounter that forms the spiraling "what ifs." What if you mustered up the courage to say hello? To ask for their number? What if you introduced yourself? What if this is the one you could see yourself starting a relationship with, going on adventures with, starting a family and growing old with? Your mind takes you to places that nothing else can. That's the story told in Bela Pierce's brand new single "Nordstrom."

Day after day, working the same old job with the same old people, you begin to grow comfortably numb to the same routine. You begin to grow attached to the feeling of complacency. You grow attached to the people you're surrounded by. Bela musters up the courage to speak on a situation we've all daydreamed about. The feeling of wanting a co-worker that may just not necessarily make sense, but you can't help but fantasize about.

"Titled after the place I worked, “Nordstrom” is a song about catching feelings for a former co-worker. He worked in shoes, I was upstairs in women's clothing. The first time we met we barely spoke and I didn't even know his name yet, but the idea of us had lots of lyrics already spiraling around in my head, and I knew it was worth writing a song about. A few days later, after sending some voice memos back and forth with Day Bit (co-writer/producer), the song quickly came together."

This undoubtedly is the most impressive piece that Bela Pierce has released yet. Steering from the slower and more melodic writing she's presented on her first two singles, "Nordstrom" is an upbeat anthem for the daydreamers. Co-written with Day Bit and Michael Dunaief, the three of them were each able to keep her signature melodic vibe while incorporating a beat that will have you confidently dance around your room without a care in the world. With a twisted love story and strong songwriting as her first release of the year, we're thrilled to see where it all progresses for her in 2021.