Ben Kessler and Lizzy McAlpine Paint a Picture of Pure Emotion on "False Art"

With what may be his most impressive release to date, Ben Kessler is back with "False Art" featuring Lizzy McAlpine. The slow and affectionate single is the type of song to make your mind race a million miles per hour. The type of song to put you in a trance of emotion and dig up feelings you've stored deep down. Kessler and McAlpine put it all out in the open and let their feelings take the wheel.

Kessler's vocals may be the most pure we've ever heard from him. His falsetto hits on pitch with ease and his vocals are as smooth as a brush on a canvas. Accompanied by McAlpine's stunning vocal performance, the two grab your attention in absolute awe. The performance is so personal, you feel as if you're in the room with them while they perform this magical song. The production is warm and fuzzy. An easy listen, but one that sticks with you. The style is so dreamy, you can't help but repeat it.

The video is unique and cohesive. It paints the picture of two people in love and their story. It welcomes you into their life with illustration. It brings out the beauty in love, a refreshing take on life. We're constantly surrounded by heartbreak and "what if" songs, while the two create a world of belonging and acceptance. Ben Kessler is blossoming into the artist he's dreamed about and more. With the help of Lizzy McAlpine, they've created his greatest hit yet. We can't wait to see the art Kessler manifests next.