Betcha’s “If That’s Alright” Is a Song For Any Mood [Premiere]


Photo: Joey Brodnax

If you have any concerns about the softening presence of rock in today's music landscape, Betcha is here to remind you that rock is healthy, thriving, and here to stay. With the release of their new single, "If That's Alright," accompanied by an energetic music video, Betcha has us all reinvigorated.

"If That's Alright," is an upbeat, undeniably catchy tune you can listen to no matter the mood. The band describes it as "a confessional song about loving someone intentionally and hoping those feelings are returned," with the chorus lyrics, "Spending all my days just to reach ya / If that's alright / Now I'm living all my days just to please ya / If that's alright" echoing those feelings. We, for starters, can confirm our love for this song is returned. 

Slightly deviant from their gripping EP, Falling, released last year, the new single, which Betcha states "essentially wrote itself," maintains its rock-infused heart, while also merging in elements of pop.

The supporting music video, directed by Joey Brodnax, is as energetic as the song itself. It captures the band messing with someone's van while performing the song and jamming out. Betcha spoke further on the lively new video, sharing,

For the "If That's Alright" music video, we collaborated with our great friend and creative director Joey Brodnax. We wanted the video to match the energy of the song and be a nonstop thrill ride from start to finish. Our first idea was to attach a trailer behind our van and perform on it with all our gear, all while doing donuts in an empty parking lot, and that's exactly what we did. We had a blast making it, and none of our gear ate it in the process. Hope you dig it!

Betcha is an electric reminder of why we love rock. The band will embark on their co-headlining US tour with WLDLFE starting this April.

Watch the "If It's Alright" video below, ahead of its official release tomorrow: