Billy Raffoul Regrets Not Making a Move in Melancholic “Lovely”


Love at first sight. We all hear about it, but Canadian-born alternative rocker Billy Raffoul got to experience this rare phenomenon for a brief night. Raffoul discusses the immediate connection he felt when his eyes met with a "lovely" girl in his latest single. Growing up in an extremely creative family, Raffoul has always been encouraged to follow his heart. He has always been musically inclined and began to write songs at age 10. Now 23, Raffoul draws inspiration from Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, and Joe Cocker as his songwriting matures alongside his soulful voice.

"Lovely" is a true testament to Raffoul's songwriting ability. Channeling the raw emotion felt drunk in bed after a long night out, he created this passionate song of missed opportunity and lost potential. His stunningly gravelly voice exemplifies the pain and regret he experienced after not acting on "the spark" he felt. The simple guitar backing and relaxing synth let Raffoul's vocals tell the story of his melancholic heartache.

Experience Raffoul's magical voice down below: 

As flawless as his studio recordings are, his end goal was never to make music just to be heard from the studio. He shared,

"I think that even in this ever-changing music business there will always be a thirst for live performance and that's what I want to do. That's always been the goal. Connect with people, one room at a time."

Raffoul performed live at our "All Eyes On" showcase, and we definitely felt the connection:

Raffoul has toured with major names such as Kings of Leon and X Ambassadors, which has helped him craft his live performance. Be sure to connect with Billy Raffoul when he goes on tour with Julia Michaels and Parachute. Dates can be found down below: