BINNY Tries to Resist the Lure in Hypnotic New Single “Retrograde”

Maryland artist BINNY unveils the alluring new visuals for his debut single, "Retrograde." A collage of anime visuals, the video takes us on a cosmic journey, while simultaneously paying homage to his Asian American heritage. The 90's home-video style emits a hypnotic effect through kaleidoscopic clips, scattered between edits of BINNY sitting in front of a green screen. It's the perfect accompaniment to BINNY's sultry vocals and mellow R&B beats.

With inspiration hailing from Mariah Carey, to Drake, and everything in between, BINNY incorporates elements from his favorite R&B artists and love for strong female singers to formulate a potent sound, oozing with charisma and sass. "Retrograde" narrates trying to rid the negative people in your life, but failing to withstand their toxic charm. The singer shares, "I’ve definitely experienced being infatuated with someone that may not be the best influence on me, but I’d risk it all to put them first. It’s inspired by the unexplainable reasons one may continue a relationship that’s toxic." Don't worry BINNY, it's not just you - we've all fallen victim before and sometimes we need reminding that we're allowed to dabble with the devil, as long as we can cope with the repercussions.

With a keen eye for fashion, we see BINNY adorned in leather, denim and gold chains, not only making a statement sonically but also visually. This artist is carving out his own place in the industry and we can't wait to see what he gives us next.  

Watch the exclusive premiere of "Retrograde" below: