BLACKSTARKIDS Deliver a Y2K-Era Earworm With “Juno”


Photo: Jake Kelly

With the Y2K resurgence showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, BLACKSTARKIDS is set to emerge as one of the era's foremost trendsetters. Comprised of Deiondre, tyfaizon, and TheBabeGbe, the trio captures all the glitter and euphoria of the early 2000s while tackling the joys and woes of growing up. And with their latest single, "Juno," they transform this bittersweet juxtaposition into one of their most infectious singles to date.

"Juno" arrives as the first track from BLACKSTARKIDS' debut album, Puppies Forever, set to release October 15 via Dirty Hit. "'Juno' is a really honest reflection of how we were feeling at the time of working on the album, which is why we wanted to lead with it," shares BLACKSTARKIDS. "In context of the album, it's one of the more personal and reflective moments." The new single also arrives alongside a self-directed music video that features Manny from alternative rap collective AG Club serving as the director of photography.

"Juno" speaks to a youthful malaise, the aimless feeling of trying your best to hold on to your childhood as it slips through your fingers. In classic BLACKSTARKIDS fashion, this existential fear of losing your youth is faced head-on through an array of pop-punk-leaning instrumentation and iridescent Y2K-era pop production. It's the sort of rare track that combines all your teenage phases into one intoxicating amalgamation, creating a space where the scene kid and homecoming queen in you can dance side by side.

Listen to "Juno" below: