Blimes Gets Personal and Intimate in “Under My Skin”


Meet Blimes, the rapper, singer, and songwriter who can do it all. The San Francisco native has a knack for blending the smoothest parts of jazz with the boldest beats from hip hop and finishing the sound with her enlightening lyrics. Over the past years, Blimes has made her name for herself becoming a rising star in the world of hip hop- even earning a cosign from Method Man. Now, she's just dropped her final single of the year, a soft R&B track titled "Under My Skin."

"Under My Skin" has a moodiness to it. It's due to the equal and opposite forces the song lyrically represents. Blimes describes it well without saying too much, instead just by flipping the word 'under'. Her lover brings out the best in her, but also gets the best of her. There's immense beauty in the way Blimes conveys this idea through her opulent vocals. Switching from singing to rapping with relative ease, she proves she can do everything herself. Over a bed of foggy "oohs" Blimes, with producer Mars Today, build out an unbothered mellow R&B vibe. 

The shots in the visual are poetically stunning. It divides our time, allowing Blimes to narrate her own love story. We see all sides of the lovers in times of bliss and arguments. But the shot of Blimes standing alone in the forest wearing a camel coat, singing the hook "Under my sheets / Yeah you under my skin" in a loop is the most powerful because it delivers purely her perspective. In that moment we enter the world of Blimes. How alluring and pragmatic it is. 

Watch the video for "Under My Skin" below.