Blu DeTiger Showcases Her Musical Virtuosity on “Vintage”

Photo By: Rex DeTiger

Any fan of groovy, funky pop music should be sure to check out Blu DeTiger's latest single, "Vintage." Between the song and accompanying music video, DeTiger displays her multi-hyphenate abilities as an instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, performer, bass virtuoso, and so much more. As the foundation of any great Blu DeTiger song, the bass is the backbone of "Vintage" and provides the tune with its energy and danceability. Blu evidently writes her songs from the perspective of a rhythm instrument player; not only does the bassline feel like its own melody, but the syllables of her lyrics and vocal performance line up perfectly with the notation of the bass. This coordination of the melody and bass lines allows the two to reinforce each other, and in turn creates a tune that packs quite a punch (especially in the chorus). After years of experience as a musician and a performer, it seems as though singing is a walk in the park for Blu, and her sense of style and effortlessly chilled approach on "Vintage" is a great example of this virtuosity.

Born and raised in New York City, Blu has been slaying the bass guitar since she was 7 years old. Not even legally old enough to be allowed in clubs, Blu has been a staple in the New York club, fashion, and creative scenes since she started DJing at the age of 17. As of 2020, Blu's been a touring member for multiple artists including Caroline Polachek, Fletcher, The Knocks and more. She has also DJ'd internationally and walked in Kid Super's NYFW show.

After releasing a slew of upbeat and fun singles over the last many months, we are staying tuned for her upcoming EP, How Did We Get Here? set to drop March 5th.

Stream "Vintage" below.