Blxst Joins Forces with Drakeo The Ruler & Russ on ‘Just For Clarity’ EP


Photo Credit: Randijah Simmons for ExileWorld

Last fall, LA-based rapper and singer Blxst released his debut project No Love Lost to massive commercial acclaim. The EP followed years of releases, including a number of singles, and even a mixtape with fellow LA rapper Bino Rideaux. The success of No Love Lost was so staggering that it gained millions of streams, praise from industry heavyweights, and even a deluxe version including artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga, and Dom Kennedy. Barely a few months later, Blxst is back with a surprise two-track EP to reassert his status as one of LA's hottest upcoming artists. Titled Just For Clarity, the project contains tracks “Don't Forget” and “Fck Boys,” featuring Drakeo the Ruler and Russ respectively. 

Just For Clarity sees Blxst delivering fans two new tracks that showcase his masterful talent for rapping, singing, and songwriting - especially when paired with two guest features that compliment him well. Blxst's signature bass-laden synthesis of R&B and hip-hop has an extra dash of west-coast bounce on "Don't Forget," where he and Drakeo trade verses reflecting on their past and the people that have crossed them. Blxst's comparatively smooth vocal register is juxtaposed against Drakeo's sharp wit and abrasive writing - but together the two flourish on this absolute banger. "Fck Boys" is a much more downtempo cut, trading the Bay-Area bass track for an acoustic guitar sample that serves as the track’s foundation. Russ and Blxst deliver similar performances - both of them exposing how malicious guys harm women, and therefore harm other men down the line. Though the tracks feel far more minimalistic than fans were treated to on No Love Lost, Just For Clarity aids in amplifying the incredible talent of both Blxst and his guests. 

If you missed No Love Lost last year, consider Just For Clarity your personal wake-up call. With a decorated history of rapping, singing, writing, producing, mixing and mastering, video editing, and design, Blxst has consistently shown himself as a prominent young artist with the potential to be hip-hop’s next big star. Releases like No Love Lost and Just For Clarity mainly serve to get us on Blxst's level, and not the other way around. Having worked with hip-hop titans from Mustard to Kendrick Lamar, Blxst exemplifies not only incredible talent, but a versatility that truly makes him one to watch. Listen to Just For Clarity below, and you'll see what I mean.