boy pablo and Jimi Somewhere’s  “Never Cared” Captures a Special Moment


Photo: Also Known As

boy pablo + Jimi Somewhere + a toy Casio keyboard + a radiant guitar = "Never Cared," an organic summer track full of floating synth sounds and passionate vocals. Nothing has ever made more sense. The collaboration between the two Norweigian artists took place last year and has now been brought back to grace the ears, (and eyes - there's a video too), of fans and first-time-listeners alike. 

A casual hangout turned into the creation of the track - with boy pablo's guitar and Benjamin Fabio, boy pablo's manager's, Casio keyboard. Chords were played, a beat was fabricated, a hook fell into place, and the track was finished in a week. The new track blends Jimi Somewhere's experimental R&B/indie-fused vocals along with synth and instrumentals that are true to boy pablo's sound. 

The song opens with slow, crackling keyboard sounds and bounce into a burst of sound with steady drums, synth, guitar, and vocals from Jimi Somewhere. The lyrics are tossed back and forth between the two artists on verses, and they join forces at the end. The two artists brought their own unique sounds to the table to create a true experimental indie-synth pop track that stands out on both artist's discographies. 

The video was shot outside Fabio's house in Bergen, Norway last summer. It captures the fresh energy the song holds, reminiscent of those light summer moments one experiences. The split-screen visuals capture a pink sunset that contrasts against plentiful greenery as the light bounces off mountaintops. Pablo's orange guitar, which matches his orange hoodie perfectly, stands out in front of the dark green trees behind him. Jimi Somewhere's carefree dance moves bring even deeper playfulness to the video that makes it hard not to crack a smile. The video captures that special moment with friends at sunset when everything is falling into place. 

“Never Cared" is just plain old fun, so take some time to watch it for yourself below:

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