brakence Drifts Into the Solitary World of “cbd”


Photo: A.T. Etzweiler

Whether or not we like to acknowledge it, we all know what it's like to have dark thoughts of loneliness and isolation creep into our heads and cloud our minds. In stark contrast to the inherent difficulty of admitting these intense feelings, 18-year-old artist and producer brakence unabashedly opens up about the challenging emotions that occasionally drift into focus.

On his track, "cbd," brakence experiments with taboo subject matter while still maintaining a playful and innovative sound. Despite the difficulty of articulating the emotions that permeate his waking and sleeping hours, the anti-pop artist showcases his deeply personal yet universal ability to depict an honest and unflinching account of young adulthood. The essence of the song is captured best in the chorus, "No one cares for me / Except me / I'm chilling by death." His voice echoes throughout each verse, allowing the listener to fully reflect on his relentless honesty through his emotionally palpable lyrics. 

brakence has mastered the art of conveying refreshingly raw and candid subject matter in a novel way, and it is part of what makes him stand leagues ahead of his nearest cohorts. At such a tender age, brakence demonstrates his artistry by dissecting difficult topics in a palatable way that allows his audience to remember that ultimately they are not alone. 

Watch the "cbd" video below: