“Weep” Finds Brandon at His Strongest and Most Emotional


Photo: Henry Jacob Munksgaard

Riverside, California native, Brandon, released his latest single "Weep" on May 5. His first song released in 2020, "Weep" shows the artist and producer at his strongest and most emotional. In a letter written to accompany the single's release, Brandon admits that he's "the best [he's] ever been" but also the most vulnerable, some days "weep[ing] with joy" and others spent in "restless agony."

Written during shelter-in-place, Brandon's "Weep" speaks to the pain of becoming disconnected with a past lover. With heartfelt lyrics, Brandon tries to mend his broken relationship in lines like, "We ain't too far gone," but it seems clear that his love has started to move on without him. The single is heartbreaking but hopeful, perfectly timed for those who feel alone and disconnected during this crisis.

Beyond the lyrics, the track's production is its most engaging feature. Drawing comparison to Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean's Blonde, Brandon's "Weep" is incredibly patient and understated. Beginning with just a reverberant acoustic guitar, the single slowly builds over time. All of his choices are thoughtful and deliberate, choosing specific moments to underscore with harmonies but leaving the rest of the melody untouched and bare. 

Leaning almost entirely on vocal stacking to build out specific sections of the track, Brandon's "Weep" feels intimate and incredibly personal, almost as if he is showing us the thoughts that echo inside his head. The story he tells is familiar and universal, but the way he tells it through its careful composition feels novel. 

Listen to "Weep" and check out the Justin Segura-directed music video below: