Breagh Isabel Recounts Her First Queer Love With the Intimate “Girlfriends”

Breagh Isabel is showing us the painful side to queer love and coming-of-age in her new single “Girlfriends.” This intimate tune is a retrospective view of Isabel's first female love experience and how much heartache can come with the confusion and loss of unrequited love. This tender track explores a vast range emotions and is paired with an endearing new video, which is sure to bring a tear to your eyes.

This bittersweet, angelic single is rich in close-up, intimate moments. That experience of falling in love but being broken, especially at a young age when you’re vulnerable and unsure of who you are and what you love. Everything about this song is pure. 

With the blissful "oohs" and clever Julia Michaels-esque melodies, the production is minimalistic yet perfectly complex in its own right. Plastic plucking sounds and softer fingerpicking tones flutter effortlessly around the small and relaxed synth pockets. There is something so happy yet sad about this song as Isabel explains, "It's a bit of a sad song wrapped up in a happy-sounding package. The lyrics don't really tell a hopeful story. The resolution comes from the fact that I can own the experience and re-tell it from a place of happiness."

The video is utterly moving. "It's hard to find yourself in 11th grade," the lyrics start off, showing highschool students exchanging passionate stares and smiles, as the video shadows their journey. Following their relationship, we get closer as the story slowly unfolds and we see that deep down, they really love and care for each other. This glitter bomb, queer love story is totally gorgeous and may just be the most wholesome video of 2021.

Listen to "Girlfriends" below: