BROCKHAMPTON’s “SUGAR” Video Is an Extraterrestrial Trip

Forget Marvel. The boyband's "SUGAR" visual is a warm welcome to BROCKHAMPTON's cinematic universe. Directed by Kevin Abstract with the help of Elera Pictures, the single from BROCKHAMPTON's acclaimed 2019 album GINGER is as fearless as the boyband itself. It's par for the course. 

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With a totally NSFW intro, BROCKHAMPTON sets the scene in trademark unexpected fashion. Unlike many of their other music videos, "SUGAR" takes on the ultra supernatural and establishes its own warped version of reality. A volatile alien assassin belts the Ryan Beatty - assisted hook, as he looms over a girl in bed next to her slain boyfriend. Kevin Abstract squirms on the ceiling, dangling over bearface. whilst covered in goopy green Nickelodeon slime, the same slime that later appears falling from a bison's nose. Meanwhile, Matt Champion raps with the devil's alien counterpart surrounded by a ring of fire. 

The soul that makes the track reminiscent of R&B groups from early 2000s is omnipresent throughout the visual. In violent orange hazmat suits, the boys explore the world they've created, lamenting over the hollowness of modern relationships. We've resonated with the lyrics of "SUGAR" lyrics for months now, and their power will never be lost on us. It's impossible to not feel something when we hear it. Now with the visual, the groovy torment "SUGAR" creates is actualized and all the more intriguing.

Watch the video for "SUGAR" below: