Carlie Hanson Finds Herself Lovesick in “Side Effects”

Photo: Leeor Wild

From small-town Wisconsin to emerging pop stardom, Carlie Hanson has quickly become one of our favorite names in music. With her breakout single "Only One," Hanson went from being a 17-year-old McDonald's employee to a formidable alternative pop artist. Now, two short years since her initial arrival on the scene, Hanson delivers another standout single. 

"Side Effects" comes in at just over three minutes and delivers the electropop necessities you'll need to get through the day. The song is a melodic experience told through glowing synths and hip-hop backed drums, all adding up to an infectious track that is sure to get stuck in your head for weeks to come. 

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The track kicks off in deceptively calm fashion, as Hanson lists off the side effects accompanying a youthful romance gone astray. Whether it be "lying on the kitchen floor" or "losing sleep," Hanson rhythmically tells a tale that is all too relatable.

With a sudden transition into a hip-hop based beat, Hanson emotionally breaks into the chorus, echoing "I wasn't looking for this / Now I don't want this to end," bringing to light the sense of emotional conflict that comes with a budding relationship.

As the song draws to a close, the production is stripped down significantly to let Hanson's emotionally-laden vocals echo out, "But I get so high / I get so high." Hanson brings us face to face with the overwhelming rush, the sensation of turmoil and passion that accompanies an unwanted but unstoppable romance. And we are hooked.  

Listen to "Side Effects" below:

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