Carlie Hanson - “Hazel” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

Carlie Hanson is a mythical being that simultaneously exists in a world made up of the guitar-driven dreams of late '90s indie-rock and the euphoria of anthemic, empowering pop. In less than two short years, Hanson has gone from working at a McDonald's in a small Wisconsin town to an authentic artist on the rise who has opened for the likes of Troye Sivan and YUNGBLUD. It is a suburban dream she is in the midst of living first-hand and one she gives sonic shape to in her exhilarating debut EP, Junk.    

Tying together themes of teenage discovery and love with nights of listless summer discontent, Junk arrived as veritable proof that Hanson was ready to lead the next wave of pop, even if that next wave may be slightly punk. As part of our latest "All Eyes On" showcase series, we had the pleasure of inviting this artist on the rise to perform the closing track of her debut EP. Backed by a breathtaking view of the New York skyline, Hanson delivered a moving rendition of "Hazel" that will be stuck on our minds for some time to come.

Be sure to stick around after the performance, as we discover the artist behind the electrifying music. From first working at McDonald's, making the terrifying first steps in her artist career, her undying love for her hometown in Wisconsin, and so much more, we truly get to know Hanson.

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