Carly and Martina Drop Off Their Nostalgia Pop Cut, “Your Song”

Chicago-based twin sisters Carly and Martina are busy. When they're not making music, they're giving Ted Talks or running songwriting workshops with underprivileged kids in Chicago. They make being talented and being a good person a way of life.

Today, we have the premiere of their latest song titled "Your Song." Speaking on the song, the twins said,

"We wanted teen nostalgia to partner with a throwback beat for this song. We had this vision of someone opening a mixtape that was tied to an important relationship for them and immediately deep-diving into their feels while listening to it. So, we wanted to incorporate throw-back elements as well as sonically having the mixtape click on in the beginning of the song and close out in the outro. We really relate to how a breakup can seem fine until you hear a certain song that completely takes you back to that moment, and we wanted to not only make this song sound like that, but also make this song say that."

Like most in Gen Z, they're not sticking to any traditional genre rules. They grew up listening to an eclectic mix of music and while their music leans towards pop, it's infused with catchy elements from all genres. Stream the premiere of "Your Song" below and hear for yourself.

Carly and Martina · Your Song