Carly Rose Returns With Infectious Single “Change My Mind”

Photo By: Joyce Charat

In the new music video for her infectious single "Change My Mind," alt-pop cool girl Carly Rose gives us a glimpse into her most intimate thoughts and environment. In total harmony with the anthemic tune, which just debuted on Spotify's New Music Friday, this video manages to be fun, introspective, and complex all at the same time.

The video begins in Carly's perfectly-lived-in bedroom, a space littered with records, books, clothes, art, and candy. The eccentric decor seamlessly matches Carly's layered shirts and hair scrunchie. The whole scene gives you a sense of adolescence and '90s nostalgia, making you feel as though you're watching an edgier, alternative Lizzie McGuire as she plays with her camcorder and sings into a hairbrush.

But don't be fooled, this video is not that simple. Just as soon as we think we know Carly; she changes as if she were growing up before our very eyes. Suddenly, she's donning a more mature look while spray painting her walls, tearing pages out of her beloved books, and even smashing her lamp. The chaos builds until the big reveal: her bedroom walls themselves come down to expose a desert landscape. It's the calm after the storm. There's serenity in the final moment as Carly walks out of the remnants of the room into the unknown.

The dynamic imagery of the video (directed by Claire Schmitt) brings to life the relatable story behind "Change My Mind," which celebrates the internal messiness of human thought. When asked about the meaning of the catchy song, Carly confessed: "on 'Change My Mind' I'm really juggling with the idea of self-acceptance as someone who lives with a mind that often feels like an overwhelming maze. Learning to accept the mind you have for all its beauty and its faults is a process that never stops. This song reflects how I often approach my mental health in reality, which is with self-deprecation, sarcasm, and even laughing at the madness that goes on up there. I hope people can listen to this song and find some comfort in the fact that in our own ways, we're all fucked, but at least we're all fucked together."

Watch "Change My Mind" below.