Cat Clyde’s “So Cold” Video Takes a Note From ‘70s Female Revenge Movies


Photo: Strummer Jasson

Here is something you should know: you must always anticipate chills all over your body when listening to the bluesy vocals of Cat Clyde. Inspired by musical greats like Kevin Morby and Lead Belly, the Ontario-based songstress recently delivered her charming sophomore album, Hunter's Trance. The indie-folk record is an impressive collection of Clyde's vocal-driven tunes that showcase her love of slide guitars and jangly percussion.

Taken from Hunter's Trance, "So Cold" sees Clyde singling out her worst exes with soaring vocals that are truly boundless. While Clyde experimented with animated visuals in her previous "Bird Bone" music video, the "So Cold" plot is reminiscent of classic female-led revenge films. The Angus McMaster-directed video depicts Clyde in an eerie eyepatch, similar to Elle Driver's in Kill Bill, as she sets off to destroy the man who once left her broken.

On the "So Cold" video, Clyde explained to Wide Open Country,

"The video is loosely based on '70s female revenge movies. Without it being intentional, I really feel that particular vibe pairs really, really well with the lyrics and mood of the song."

Watch the Quentin Tarantino-esque "So Cold" visual below:

Catch Cat Clyde on the 'Hunter's Trance' tour this fall!