Charlotte Lawrence Is Done Joking Around


Charlotte Lawrence is stepping into a new spotlight. With her single "Joke's On You," the burgeoning star puts yet another notch on her belt. The anthemic tune was tapped to soundtrack the opening of the upcoming female-dominated film Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie. It's a huge way for Lawrence to begin her 2020 as she plans to release her debut album with Atlantic later this year. 

"Joke's On You" joins the likes of Summer Walker, Doja Cat, Halsey, Maisie Peters, and more on the feature film's female powerhouse - focused soundtrack titled Birds of Prey: The Album. Lawrence's voice powers through and is a perfect fit amongst her peers. "Joke's On You" kicks off with looming chords and her brooding "oohs" echoing off into a perceived distance. Lawrence goes on to sing about reclaiming her power as a woman. She's found her strength and is relinquishing herself from the chains of the toxic relationship she stayed in. Her victory proves the "joke" was on them, singing, 

"Look what we had, now it’s turned to ash
I’ve lied for you, and I liked it too
But my makeup’s ruined
And now I’m laughin’ through my tears
I’m cryin’ through my fear
But baby, if I had to choose
The joke’s on you"

The edginess of Lawrence's haunting voice over the intoxicating production on "Joke's On You" encapsulates the exact mood Birds of Prey is championing. It's all about the warrior strength of women. 

Watch the "Joke's On You" lyric video below: