Charlotte Lawrence Plays the Angel of Death in New Visual for “Why Do You Love Me”


Charlotte Lawrence can't find a guy who's bad enough for her. In the new music video for "Why Do You Love Me," the burgeoning songstress plays the angel of death, discarding lovers left and right before ultimately setting one of her victims' automobiles aflame. 

Her lyrics convey a clear message: "I love you when you don't love me/So why do you, why do you, why do you love me?" Lawrence doesn't want to be chased, and she certainly doesn't want to be doted on. She is the huntress, the sorceress, and the dark angel who haunts her unsuspecting victims once they become too soft. A natural heart-breaker, Lawrence spends the bulk of the video tormenting her admirers, or occasionally giving them a passionate kiss only to return to her game moments later. When a clean-cut guy pulls up next to Lawrence and her friends, clearly hoping to recruit the young diva for a drive, she curbs him without a second glance, nonchalantly riding away on her bike surrounded by her friends.

Later, she is seen at a party where frat boys are eyeing her from every angle. Rather than give in to her pursuer, she steps outside to light a cigarette. That's when we realize she's prepared her lover's car with a trail of gasoline, and as she casually tosses her cig, it goes up in flames. Lawrence cheerfully dances through the fire in her black angel wings, delighting in the chaos she has caused. This siren is truly a baddie. 

Of her new single, Lawrence shares:

“I write easier about sad emotions. I think it’s so cool to have an upbeat song with dark lyrics. If you tap into an emotion then you can write a whole story. No matter what you’re going through it’s important to take risks with music. I never want to play it safe."

Watch the angel of death wreak havoc on earth below:

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