Chiiild’s “Darling” Is a Hallucinogenic Heirloom of Love

In a music industry dominated by carbon copies, it’s always such a great relief to discover an artist whose music rises above the norm. If life were a movie, then Montreal-hailing band Chiiild would be the leather jacket wearing, motorcycle driving, nonconforming protagonist that we cannot help but swoon over.

Today, with grateful hands and tender hearts bursting at the seams, we welcome the release of their enchanting third track “Darling.” Often praised for their psychedelic soundscape, Chiiild has perfected the art of recreating an ambiance endemic to the '60s. The ethereal nature of the vocals that seem to be merely following the lead of the twang of the guitar in “Darling” creates an almost hypnotizing experience. Alongside the song's repetition of the lyrics "You are the best of me, darling," listeners are balmed into an almost lovesick reflective state.

Despite the fact that the astral band has only three songs to their name, they’ve certainly staked their claim in and beyond the alternative R&B world. Taking on so many different forms in their music, it’s almost impossible to assign them one genre. “Darling” is only a teaser of what we can expect from Chiiild in 2020 as their debut EP, Synthetic Soul, is set to drop in the new year. Chiiild is currently touring both the US and Europe with R&B powerhouse Emotional Oranges and is making friends, fans, and admirers along the way.

Listen to "Darling" below: