Chloe Tang Has a New Lease on Life With Single “Walk You Out”


Following the release of last month's "Sad About Me," singer-songwriter Chloe Tang returns this week with her newest single, "Walk You Out." This track is Tang's third single leading up to the release of her new EP E-PITY-ME, out March 12th. Like her past work, "Walk You Out" is another masterclass in songwriting, with her electrifying vocals and production working in tandem while celebrating the end of a soured relationship. The track was inspired by a time in her life when after breaking up with her boyfriend, the two were stuck living together until their shared lease ended. Like a true creative full of talent and potential, Chloe was able to spin a tough experience into a powerful pop-R&B anthem.

Chloe Tang's "Walk You Out" is a defiant and hard-hitting pop track that is just as genuine as it is thrilling. On her newest song, the Phoenix native sings over brooding guitar tracks, abrasive bass signals, and pristine pop production while wiping her hands clean of an old relationship. Tang's writing is earnest, her song structure is smart, and while listening I can't help but toast to the end of a toxic relationship that I don't even have. Though "Walk You Out" is a cinematic track woven out of an admittedly tough time in her life, there is a hint of catharsis in her writing. She delivers impassioned lines like, "It's time for me to quit you / Need you gone now / So let me walk you out," and while she dwells on a dying romance, it seems like she is restlessly anticipating a new era in her life. Like her own burgeoning career as a pop-icon, she's excitedly awaiting the future while meditating on her past - though given her recent career trajectory, it seems only a matter of time until she becomes music's next big thing. 

Since moving to LA and starting from scratch, Chloe Tang has quickly been establishing herself as a dominant force in pop with her unique blend of electronic and R&B styles - and "Walk You Out" is no exception. With an infectiously catchy mix and powerful vocal performance, Tang effortlessly delivers fans a track that is certainly an instant-add for the weekly rotation. If "Walk You Out" is any indication of things to come from her forthcoming EP, her ex may regret the day they signed a lease together.