Christian French Creates a Whirlwind of Emotions in His Captivating 'bright side of the moon’ EP


22-year old singer-songwriter Christian French, known for his charming vocals and dazzling live performances, released his six-track 'bright side of the moon' EP after teasing select singles throughout early 2019. 

French's latest EP is a melodious narrative centered around the whirlwind of emotions which accompany catching feelings for another person. The first tracks establish how thrilling a new romance can be and optimistically portray hope for happiness to be found in the new relationship. However, by "Call Me Your Love," the idealized perfection of the new situation cracks slightly as the song is noticeably less peppy than the previous tracks. It's the lyrics, "We both know where this will go," which verbally acknowledge for the first time that things may not be going in a favorable direction. 

For the conclusion of this EP, the mood abruptly shifts with "heavy snow." This is the sole track which remains somber in its entirety. Through this shift in tone, a warning is clear; while new love can be beautiful and enthralling, it can flip in an instant and morph into something painful in the blink of an eye. 

While French has been on tour with notable artists such as Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, he will be headlining his own tour this fall. 

Make sure to check out bright side of the moon here: