Christian Kuria Joins Forces With Alex Isley on “Toroka Remix”


Following the success of his last record Borderline, Kenyan-American producer and songwriter Christian Kuria is making his mark in 2021 with his newest remix of "Toroka." Originally released late last year, "Toroka" is a smooth and bass-heavy track that comes back to us even stronger as Kuria joins forces with guest vocalist Alex Isley - granddaughter of Isley Brothers' Ernest Isley. On the meaning of "Toroka," Christian notes that the track is "a nod to [his] Kenyan heritage … It's a Swahili term that appropriately means 'run away' or 'escape.'" This time around, this concept makes even more sense, as together Kuria and Isley truly create a sonic escape for listeners with their lush instrumentation and sensual vocals.

After the past year in quarantine, it has become easier (and more necessary) to romanticize 'escape' than it ever has been before - and luckily Christian Kuria's new "Toroka" remix helps us do just that. For those that may have missed "Toroka" last year, you're in for a treat - the track sounds like Mac Ayres and dvsn had a child that naturally knew how to sidechain 808s. Over an ethereal mix decorated with washed-out guitar tracks and pounding percussion, Christian and Alex sing of escaping their troubles despite knowing that confrontation is inevitable. The neo-soul flavor of "Toroka" mixed with its themes of escape, anxiety, and baggage make it the perfect quarantine track as spring approaches us once more. Alex Isley's vocals are dreamlike and fantastical - complimenting the hypnotic funk that Christian Kuria has mastered so effortlessly. It definitely seems like Isley is staying true to her namesake on "Toroka," as together she and Kuria make a dynamic duo whose paths hopefully cross again in the future.

Hailing from Vallejo California, Christian Kuria has quickly established himself as a promising talent over the past two years, but after linking with Alex Isley on the remix to "Toroka" - it seems clear that both artists are here to stay. There are not many artists that can create hits as effortlessly as Christian Kuria can, so hopefully "Toroka" is not the last track we hear from him this year.