Christian Kuria’s “Losing You” Has Even Those of Us Without Synesthesia Seeing Colors

Synesthesia is, amongst a handful of other things, the keen ability to see different sounds. The most common visual that synesthetes - those who have synesthesia - perceive is varying colors produced from varying sounds. As amazing as it would be to see the color blue whenever you hear the sound of rain or to watch clouds of red appear every time the neighbor's dog is out, only one person in every 2,000 people actually have synesthesia. However, with his newest single “Losing You,” Christian Kuria has created not just a song but a colorful experience that even us non-synesthetes are able to see.

The San Francisco singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer was first recognized by the masses after he uploaded a cover of Khalid’s “Young Dumb & Broke” in 2017. The cover was a delightful twist on the original and illustrated the young singer’s unique and passionate voice. Fast-forward two years later and Kuria is in the midst of building an R&B empire, starting with the release of his silky debut EP, Yearlong. Fortunately for us, Yearlong was only the beginning for the young virtuoso.

Wielding his brisk guitar skills and dynamic vocal prowess, Kuria has reemerged with a velvety, jazz-like single characterized with a remarkably soulful spirit. “Losing You” is a fusion of the easygoing, nostalgic R&B essentiality we know and love from Mac Ayres and the sweeping lyrical dexterity of Anderson .Paak. Kuria spoke further on "Losing You," sharing,

"I don't think it's ever taken me so long to finish a song; I started writing it over a year ago. It went through three or four different iterations before arriving at what it is now. Also, with it being the first song I've ever worked on with a co-producer (Jack Dine), making the song took me into a new and exciting creative space." 

Coupled with Kuria’s characterizing soul, “Losing You” effortlessly seizes the mind of its listeners and relaxes even the most restless of spirits, using a soft palette of stimulating production skills to round off this satisfying song with a constellation of earthy tones. The only question that remains is what colors do you see? 

Listen to “Losing You” below, and be sure to catch Kuria on the road with Cautious Clay in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Francisco, and New York City: