Christian Leave Basks in the Beauty of Life on ‘Days Like Lost Dogs’


The past odd year has brought with it its fair share of trials, tribulations, and ultimately, life lessons. For alternative breakout star Christian Leave that lesson ultimately arrives as one of pointed self-reflection. The importance of taking the time to pause, contemplate, and appreciate the beauty of life, from the mundane to the cosmically grand. It's a poignant life lesson that takes sonic form in his latest standout EP, Days Like Lost Dogs.

Despite its seven-track length, Days Like Lost Dogs feels immediately expansive in scope. Leave's delicate, nonchalant delivery calls to mind the bohemian likes of Lou Reed, as he delivers loosely structured sonic poetry over sprawling and enveloping soundscapes. Tracks like "Beside You and "Maybe" are the best examples of this newfound penchant for substantial, exploratory songwriting, feeling akin to floating aimlessly yet not directionless through space. And even when Leave picks up the tempo on the idyllic "10 Steps," he does so without sacrificing the emotional journey at the core of his latest project.

"Over the past year I've been allotted the time to reflect on everything that's led me to this point in my life," shares Leave. "I now have contentment and bask in how beautiful the time I've spent here is. I've come to terms with my frustrations and am now wandering through life without a clear goal in sight, but a determination to appreciate every second of it. I don't know where I'm going but I know who I am! This project is a collection of songs that I feel amplifies those revelations and states this new path that I am on."

Days Like Lost Dogs moves at its own infectious pace, seemingly unbothered by any and all passing trends, instead, finding inspiration in the simple beauty that is life itself. In doing so, it cements Leave's potential as a timeless artist.

Listen to Days Like Lost Dogs below and be sure to catch Leave on tour with beabadoobee this fall: