Christian Leave Ponders Words Left Unsaid on the Atmospheric “Maybe”


Photo: Alondra Bucio

In the span of a few short years, Christian Leave has emerged as an infectious and affective voice in the world of music. Deftly combining elements of serene nostalgia, from lovelorn R&B to the atmospheric vastness of shoegaze, with a modern indie feel, the 21-year-old artist feels simultaneously familiar yet novel. It's a unique contradiction that comes to life in his latest single, "Maybe."

"Maybe" is set to appear on Leave's forthcoming EP, Days Like Dogs, due to arrive October 29 via Warner Records. In addition to serving as precursor for his much-anticipated EP, the new single arrives ahead of Leave's forthcoming US tour with beabadoobee and BLACKSTARKIDS.

"Maybe" feels akin to drifting aimlessly through space, with only the murmurs of far-off strangers in distant galaxies serving as any form of guiding light. It's a sonic expanse that speaks to the incalculability of words left unsaid. The unknown difference between emotions set free and held close to the chest. Dreamlike harmonies and an idyllic bass line score this communication breakdown, as ruminations like "Maybe I can't go on / Maybe I need you here" take on an earth-shattering weight. 

"There have been many different relationships in my life where i feel that a lack of communication has been the downfall, platonically or romantically. Whether it's not being able to fully open up to someone due to embarrassment of my own feelings or not being able to be transparent with how I feel I'm being treated. This song is a letter to those situations and hopefully serves as reminder to myself that speaking as honestly as possible is always the leader to a better, healthier life," shares Leave.

There is a timeless appeal to "Maybe," and in turn Leave. As the wistful meditation gently drifts onward, it's hard not to call to mind the likes of my bloody valentine or Slowdive, who like Leave, were idiosyncratic in their creative approach yet universal in their emotional candor and depth.

Listen to "Maybe" below: