Clairo Steps Into the Next Chapter of Her Life with “Bags”


Photo: Hart Leshinka

With the release of a series of lo-fi self-recorded singles and intimate music videos recorded in her bedroom, the Internet found a different sort of pop star in Clairo. The Boston native's lyrics read out like loosely jointed diary entries strewn on the floor, touching upon the realities and joys of being a teenager and growing up. Fittingly enough, Clairo's latest single sees her stepping into a new chapter of her life, both sonically and emotionally.

"Bags," the latest heavenly single from Clairo, marks the lead single from her long-awaited debut album IMMUNITY, set for release Aug. 2. A project centered around self-discovery and transition, from coming out as a young queer woman to being straight out of college, it is no surprise that in many ways, "Bags" arrives a departure from the daydream - evoking musings of her teenage body of work.

Taking heavy inspiration from shoegaze and the power of emotional vulnerability and far-off guitars that established the genre and a generation of indie rock fanatics, "Bags" oozes with a tranquil despondency. "Pardon my emotions/ I should probably keep it all to myself/ Now you make fun of me," coos Clairo as she steps into a series of repeated musings that are nothing short of heart-aching. It mirrors a similar moment of repetition found in the chorus where she repeatedly utters the lines, "Walking out the door with your bags."

The resounding calm in spite of what seems to be ongoing inner turmoil builds the crux for Clairo's growth as an artist. "Bags" showcases Clairo as an artist more than capable of eliciting a torrent of feelings and moods, from the deafening void left in the wake of dejection to the anxiety of even showing your emotions. It is the first brilliant introduction to the world of IMMUNITY and this new chapter of Clairo.

Listen to "Bags" below:

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