Cub Sport Finds Love Under Neon Lights in “Hearts in Halves”


Cub Sport is embarking into brand new territory. They're doing what they're calling a Triple A-Side, 333. The Australian four-piece outfit is releasing a brand new single and matching video every single week, for the next three weeks. 

"Hearts In Halves" is the first release from said project. The single's neon glow successfully manages to light up the dance floor as depicted in the visual. Filled with Cub Sport's classic sparkly synths and enchanting melodies, frontman Tim Nelson's voice finds a graceful point of poise within the song's built-in shine.

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Shot at The Beat Megaclub, a longtime staple club in the Australian LGBT community, Nelson and his crew descend upon the venue. With his arms in the air, Nelson becomes a glossier version of himself. He tries to dance the night away, both pushing away and pulling in his heart's deepest desire. "Hearts In Halves" is about acceptance more than anything, because at the video's end Nelson and his husband/bandmate Sam Netterfield finally find each other and embrace their love for one another. Nelson spoke about what the track meant to him sharing,

"[It's] is a reflection on the journey of Sam and I finding our way to each other. From being in deep denial and running away from something that feels 'too right' to surrendering and giving in to that feeling." 

For Cub Sport, 333 is all-encompassing. There's much to uncover in the new three songs. Each one has its own personality and functions to provide listeners with a unique harmonious experience that's purposefully individualized. Nelson provided more insight into the upcoming project, noting, 

"333 is made up of three songs that fit together to conjure a feeling of deep and healing euphoria. It sweeps you up in all-encompassing hypnotic sonics; the chordal and harmonic combinations feel like a pang in your chest - there are forces of beauty, sorrow, growth, pain and joy. It's uplifting, renewing and feels good in a holistic way. This release feels very significant. It feels like it has the energy of a whole album - there's a message and a feeling within these songs. It's powerful, it's palpable, it feels GOOD and that's why it needed to exist."

Get blinded by love and lights in the "Hearts In Halves" video below: