Cub Sport on Coming Out, Married Life, and Their Dogs | Quick 6

Cub Sport's self-titled debut album arrived in 2019 to widespread acclaim, yet in spite of its name, it is not their first project. The Australian band has spent the last few years transforming before our very eyes from local indie-pop phenoms to global pop powerhouses. And with the release of their lauded self-titled album, the Australian outfit introduced us to a band capable of not only dreamy pop greatness but delivering a deeply personal collection of stories in the same breath. From Tim Nelson's journey of coming out to confessing his love for fellow band member Sam (Bolan) Netterfield, Cub Sport is an emotional and sonic journey.  

In honor of Pride month and everything Cub Sport has accomplished this far, we had the pleasure of inviting Nelson and Netterfield from the band to answer a question or six in our latest Quick 6 interview. From sharing their coming out stories, letting us in on how they are enjoying the newlywed life, to gushing over their dogs, this is another reason or six to fall in love with your new dream pop obsession.

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