Dana Williams Sharpens Her Blade With New Single “Knife” [Premiere]


Dana Williams has been keeping busy- thinking, writing, playing, and singing. She's now ready to unveil yet another fruit of her labor, a new single titled "Knife." The song is more akin to a pop offering from the jazzy singer songwriter. Per usual, Williams' lyrics share a story, this time the self realization discovered within a deteriorating relationship. 

Oftentimes leaving behind something proven to be destructive can feel cathartic. It can feel like a release. That was the perspective Williams was coming from. Williams shared this with us, "I wrote this song about breaking free from a toxic situation. I was experiencing such joy and creativity with this feeling of newly found freedom. The satisfaction of cutting ties can be like using a perfectly sharpened knife to a cook." 

Williams spent part of quarantine shooting the accompanying video all on her own. Its old school and warm vintage style is a perfect match for Williams' aesthetic. She sings into the camera, plays her guitar at angles around the room, whilst also carrying a little black knife for dramatic effect. But hey, it was the happiest day! 

Watch "Knife" below: