danny orange Is Infectious and Charismatic on “Expensive”


Arizona has become a hot bed for artistic talent in 2020. At the forefront of this movement is the art and video collective Overcast. Known for their creative videos and ear for rising talent, the Overcast team has been one of the most exciting groups to watch in recent memory. Director Daniel Jordan K has made a name for himself as the recurring music video director. 

Daniel has proven that he can pretty much do everything. “Expensive" is released under his alias danny orange and is just as colorful and exciting as the videos he directs. Produced with MJ Nichols and Alec Wigdahl of Internet Money, the track incorporates elements of indie-alternative and hip hop. danny orange's delivery on the track is charismatic and incredibly catchy as he sings of recent fame and treating his significant other to "somewhere expensive." 

The self directed music video is celebratory, youthful, and fittingly covered with the color orange.

danny orange establishes himself as an artist in his own right. Both the Overcast team and danny orange are unique and doing things by their own terms - operating in a completely separate lane. "Expensive" has left me looking forward to whatever danny has coming in the future.

Listen to "Expensive" by danny orange below: