Derek Luh’s “Hoodie” Is Not Your Typical Break Up Song [Premiere + Q&A]


Derek Luh has worked with notable names like Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana, but what really earns him recognition is his undeniable knack for innovative lyricism. Luh credits his magnified feelings as fuel for his music, and his cheery new single is no exception. No longer suffering through the pain of a devastating breakup, Luh channeled his current state of mind for "Hoodie."

On "Hoodie," Derek Luh shared,

"It's a beautiful break up song. No animosity; just real feelings about not fully being over someone.“

Whereas most breakup songs are slow, sad, and spiteful, "Hoodie" breaks the mold by offering a stable approach to the ending of a once meaningful connection. "Hoodie" incorporates lively instrumentals and infectious beats that will have you questioning whether or not this is actually about a breakup. To no surprise, Luh's relatable lyricism continues to gain him support from fans as they draw comparisons to their own past relationships.

To celebrate Derek Luh's new music, we recently chatted with him about Machine Gun Kelly, hair dye, and of course, his new single "Hoodie."

OTW: How did you first become interested in music?

Luh: I remember buying my first mic from Guitar Center and then recording on GarageBand.

OTW: You've worked with French Montana and toured with Machine Gun Kelly. What's it like being around such notable musicians as you continue to grow your career?

Luh: It's very inspiring!

OTW: How would you describe your fusion of pop and hip hop in five words?

Luh: Fun. Melodic. Bars. Textures. Rhythm.

OTW: There's something so organic about "Hoodie" as a breakup song without signs of hostility. What was the writing process for this track?

Luh: It’s basically my ego not being able to say, "I miss you." I didn't want to do the typical breakup song. I wanted "Hoodie" to be a symbol of our break up.


OTW: Your electronics are so engaging and cheerful for a breakup song. Why did you choose to incorporate these sonics instead of an acoustic guitar or piano?

Luh: I like the juxtaposition of making happy sad songs. I usually make songs based on how I'm feeling. It had been a while since we broke up, so I had time to heal.

OTW: You recently dyed your hair blue. What other crazy colors should we expect?!

Luh: Hmmmm… tune into my Instagram to find out (laughter).

OTW: If you could sell out a headlining show anywhere in the world, where would you pick? Who would be your openers?

Luh: The Staples Center for sure and I want it to be just me. No openers.

OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?

Luh: This kid, Vlush. He's super sick.