“Do Not Disturb” Mahalia’s Rise to the Top of the R&B World


There are no two ways about it; Mahalia is an R&B force to be reckoned with. The rising English artist received widespread critical acclaim for her 2018 EP, Seasons, which explored various phases of the artist's life with an unprecedented passion and candor. Today, Mahalia returns with her first taste of new music since her much-acclaimed 2018 EP.

"Do Not Disturb" is continued evidence as to why Mahalia has earned comparisons to R&B legends MS. Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. Every verse and lyric sees the distinctive UK voice channeling feelings of heartbreak and betrayal into uplifting bouts of empowerment, as she reflects on a relationship that likely ended in a blocked number. But for Mahalia, there is no time to waste wallowing over someone not worth her time, as she moves ever-forward in her rapidly growing music career fueled by newly-gained insight and an infectious backbeat.

More than a great work of R&B for how well it transforms a wealth of emotional experience into musical excellence, "Do Not Disturb" is a shining example of Mahalia's profound talent for creating music that truly feels timeless. The vocal chops that open up the track feel like a slowed-down hallmark of UK dance, while at the same time Mahalia's empathic vocal range harken back to the golden era of '90s and early '00s R&B. With "Do Not Disturb," Mahalia has delivered an irresistible bout of R&B that is likely to be played on repeat for years to come.

Listen to "Do Not Disturb" below:

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