Dyna Edyne Is Living Her Best Life in “The Dome” Video

We've been sitting on this gem of a video for a while now and it has us feeling a very particular way. That confident, head nodding in agreement with yourself feeling that you've got something valuable to share: a special dish, a great story full of intrigue, or more commonly, a proper bop. And yes we have a bop in hand, as "The Dome," the lead single from Dyna Edyne's EP Mahogany, is a sultry, femme, confident lyrical tableau. 

“The Dome" is a swing in your gait as you walk, a hi hat hit kick vibe with some plucked guitar melodies to balance Dyna's high gear lyrics. Dyna is a Miami-based Haitian American, and if that geo dynamic doesn't already rouse interest, I insist you listen to her full EP for a genuine dose of valuable truth and tantalizing earworms.

All that is embodied by the single is on beautiful, old super eight display in the newly-released visual accompaniment, a polite intrusion into what looks like a woman living her best life. She’s managing her best self, taking care of her mind, body, and spirituality (reading The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity in a hammock cements the point) amongst an idyllic mangrove setting, complete with handsome male masseuse. 

Given the setting and serenity, you might think the artist would be overshadowed, but it is clear Dyna has a sizeable aura, because she pops off the screen - a heart-clocking glance by the beach, a wry eyebrow raise while sunning herself, and a cool and confident gaze while being massaged. Much of what we see feels like a teaser to see her perform live, and that we hope to do soon, because "The Dome" is very much stuck in our head until then. 

Watch "The Dome" video below: