EARTHGANG Has the Perfect Track to Get You “Powered Up”

With most of the world going to school or working from home, it can be difficult to stay motivated. But now you don't have to look any further for your daily dose of motivation! EARTHGANG's latest single, "Powered Up," will do just the trick. 

EARTHGANG, a hip-hop duo from Atlanta comprised of high school friends Johnny "Olu. O. Fenn" Venus and WOWGR8 "Eian Undrai Parker," have proven themselves incredibly versatile, noting a diverse range of influences, spanning from Curtis Mayfield to T-Pain. Through their discography, it is evident they swiftly shift from heavy to playful lyrics and from a modern hip-hop sound to more old school influences with an unparalleled dexterity. "Powered Up" sounds like a love child of both. The playful hip-hop tune is a three minute injection of energy, simultaneously reminiscent of both Aminé and Run-D.M.C.

The song begins with an ascending chord and a descending synth violin melody before the beat makes its entrance with acoustic, slammed drums, synth stabs, and a kick of soulfulness. To complete the beautiful chaos is an utterly motivating vocal with the lyrics, "Say I done powered up, level at ten thousand and climbin' /…I'm powered up, it's now or nothin."

Whether or not you're struggling from lack of motivation, or know someone who does, EARTHGANG's new single is the ultimate song to get you "Powered Up."

Listen to "Powered Up" below: