Easy Life’s “Nice Guys” Is a Chaotic Masterpiece

Photo: Jack Bridgland

Here’s a riddle for you: what do chastity, a nude Trump cameo, and a handful of squealing fangirls all have in common? Although you may have guessed the current political climate (and you're right), the real answer is the new music video for the Leicester hailing band Easy Life’s new song “Nice Guys.”

The UK group has returned with a charming new single packing an irresistible nostalgic delivery. “Nice Guys” pays homage to the late ‘80s while maintaining a modern-day, genre-bending tone and a similar sense of humor to match. The new single follows three glimmering songs, “Houseplants,” it’s b-side “Spaghetti Hoops,” and “Earth."  

Easy Life is a magnificent infusion of synthetic and acoustic elements, rap-adjacent lyricism, and is tied perfectly together with a scatterbrained-like flow. The guys just recently signed with Interscope Records and already have a North American headlining tour planned for this upcoming year that we are just itching to see. 2020 is just coming into focus, yet it is safe to say that Easy Life is poised to be one of the year's breakout act. 

Watch the video for "Nice Guys” below: