Ebhoni Serves Looks and Lyrics All in the Name of Female Empowerment on “Street Lights”


Rising Toronto artist, Ebhoni, has returned with some new-new. We last heard from the singer in July when she released the single, "Cook Food" with producer Florentino. This week, she's back with a video for her 2018 release, "Street Lights." "Street Lights" is an atmospheric apology to an ex that you don't want to get back with but you don't want them to hate you either.  

Directed by Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Qran Zhu, the visual features an array of diverse women basking in their natural glow against a backdrop similar to Drake's Comeback Season mixtape cover. The video was an all-female set including all production, styling, directing, lighting, carrying equipment, etc. The music industry must continue to empower women so we can continue to see art at this level.

Watch the video for "Street Lights" below and check back for more from Ebhoni in the near future!