Electro-pop Savant Blake Rose Wants to Get “Lost” in Post-Breakup Blues


Following the success of his debut single, the electrifying "Hotel Room,"  singer-songwriter Blake Rose is back with his long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore outing, "Lost."  

The Los Angeles-based Aussie does more than quench our thirst for new music with the eloquently produced tune. Supported by silvery guitar riffs, a groovy bass line, and an energetic steady beat, Rose's velvet vocals melt into the track as he sings with such a vivid rawness. We cannot help but clutch our chests, feeling the blow of his pain.

With simple yet complex lyrics, Rose sings "I'm wide awake/ missing your face/ missing your taste/ wishing you were lost with me," painting the story of the late night post-breakup thoughts and regrets that wash over us. He croons for a lost love, alone and feeling the weight of their absence. He continues taking us through his journey, singing "No I don't want to wait/ I don't want to say/ Remember what we used to be?" It's a place we have all found ourselves in, hoping that it is not too late to admit that parting ways might have been a mistake.

Blake Rose might have just embarked on his musical journey, but he is well on his way to the top. Listen to the heart-wrenchingly beautiful song below: